why does all people not the same? many people are enjoying their happy life. They can buy all what they want, but some are suffering. They cannot eat 3 times a day. Maybe they only eat 1 time a day. Rich people just ignore or they hate street children, who are begging some money to buy they food, but the rich just trait them like animals... What if the rich people will be the beggars and the poor will be the rich,. How will you feel?... You will feel what the poor people feels.
Jul 21, 2008 10:16 AM
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It all depends on how happy and how emotionally/psychologically satisfied people feel. You might be the poorest of the poor, or the richest of the rich, but you might not be happy. Money is not the important thing in life. It is merely there to help us live. Being and feeling alive, happy, and satisfied is not dependent upon how rich u are. I prefer to have good health, a close relationship with family, friends and God, and most importantly a strong will to live. The will to live will help us conquer mediocre social conditions to ultimately reach internal peace and satisfaction at all levels.
July 22, 2008
so that each one can figure his targets and the meaning of his life. that's my opinion
July 21, 2008
There is no easy answer. Historically there have always been rich & poor people.
July 21, 2008
Hello Mej, It is very good that you have a warm heart. When you get a good edcuation, you can become someone who makes this world a better place: A politician, a medicine, a big donator, etc. :-) You wrote: "Maybe they only eat 1 time a day." Unfortunately, the situation is worse: There are 20,000 children (younger than 5 years) who die every day. Because they starve to death or because they don't have enough medicine. Then you have all the adults who die much too young for the same reasons, the human right violations, etc, etc, etc. :-( You wrote: "... but the rich just trait them like animals... " Said in this general form, I would disagree. Probably you have in mind these 20,000 children who search the rubbish tips of Manila for food. That is really sad. But not all rich are so cold-hearted and do nothing. For instance, Germany's last year's development aid for poor countries was 7,835,000 euros last year. A huge sum! Paid by our tax money. Or Warren Buffett e.g. donated over 30 billion US dollars to good causes: Anyway, charity plays a big role in western Europe and the USA. Another example is: By the way, don't let chinafan fool you. He wrote a lot of nonsense regarding Germany. (When he is so stupid, it is no surprise that he is poor.) In his opinion, communism is superior to capitalism. Then he should immigrate to the communist North Korea and experience the poverty there. In the 1990s, for instance, this country experienced a famine with over two million dead. Just one example. I have a book tip for you, Mej: "The End of Poverty" by Jeffrey Sachs. He's one of the most influential economists of the world. It's very interesting!
July 28, 2008
Those things you wrote my lil sis that is called: Capitalism. In Germany its quite normal that the most people are poor and just members of the government are rich. Big bosses never care about humanity they just want one thing: Money. They are hungry for money every day and they know they can earn more money if the people are cheap to work for them. But Im very very glad that my lil sis Jessa hate those things. I also dont like it because I know how it feels to live in poverty because I am poor! Money make the people blind. And believe me if the poor people getting rich and the rich people getting poor nothing would change. Just other people would be happy and the other ones would suffer. But nothing really would change. The real end for those damned things is a new government that is a communistic government. Thats why I just want to live under communism governments because they are the best and save the people from money and bad imperial capitalism. Mahal kita. :)
July 23, 2008
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