كيف اتقن الغة العربيه كتابه
Dec 2, 2014 12:51 AM
Answers · 3
I think you can start learning the very basic rules of writing and grammer, it will help you a lot to write correctly at first. the 2nd step will be leaning vocabulary that you need, the 3rd step, you have to read more and more Arabic texts. by reading texts, your writing skill will be improved so much. A good exercise is to write some paragraph in the Notebook in italki, and I can help to correct them for you. You are most welcome Yahia :) Greetings
December 2, 2014
لماذا تريد أن تتقن الكتابة يا يحيى؟ هل هدفك أكاديمي؟أم أنك تريد أن تتعلم اللغة بشكل عام؟
December 5, 2014
to write an langauge u need to know it s rules well , wide range of vocabulary , finally practicing and practicing and reading how ppl write arabic and try to immitate them in begining by reading
December 2, 2014
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