hey can anyone tell how to say in chinese ? like he,she,we,they and what is this /that? please!
Jul 31, 2008 9:52 AM
Answers · 4
you (你 ni)me (我 wo) who (谁 shui) we(我们wo men)
August 5, 2008
I am a chinese . And i think in China: 么is not "mo" 么is said"me"
August 1, 2008
bhawana !! Do you understand?
July 31, 2008
My guy ...This web site is strange for me. because i haven't smart phone, i can't speaking in Chinese. I have to wrinting in Chinese characters(Chinese phonetic alphabets). what is this ? (zheshi_shenmo?)这是什么? what is that? (nashi_shenmo?)那是什么? he (ta ) 他 she (ta) 她 they (ta_men) 他们
July 31, 2008
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