If you can choose only one thing follow you forever then your idea?
Aug 30, 2008 1:41 AM
Answers · 5
my past ! A man, without a past...has no future! :-)
September 1, 2008
my relatives---they make me warmer and colourful
August 30, 2008
heart :) hehe
August 30, 2008
so what i guess i mean is that i would want a good friend to follow me for the rest of my life
August 30, 2008
if i could choose 1 thing to follow me for the rest of my life it would be a life spent helping others and having them be here to help me... many people like you when you are on top of a mountain but when you are stuck in a ditch then the real test is shown to who your real friend is.
August 30, 2008
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