i would like to know who is ur idol?and why?
Sep 6, 2008 2:38 PM
Answers · 7
desperado, if you know nothing about an issue pls keep your mouth shut :) mine is me(myself)
September 6, 2008
my idol is"david beckham" becaus ei love soccer and i have liked him ever since i was 7 years old. he is the greatest player in the world!!
September 6, 2008
here is not a forum so i'm not gonna discuss about this issue with you desperado. I can go back to my country anytime I want to go back but unfortunately your beloved khomeini and his followers has screwed up my country and I even don't long to visit it again :p if you think i'm ignorant you have to prove it but do you really think that you know my country's history better than me ?! :p Good luck ( message me if you are interested in discussing )
September 7, 2008
my idol he or she the one who learned me any thing n my whole life and inspired me any one giv me idea what ever who he or she is the point is how he or she impress me
September 6, 2008
I have many idols, but my real idols are My Parents, they are my role model. They're wonderful
September 8, 2008
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