any one know american sign language(ASL)?请问有人会美国手语吗? I'm learning american sign language(ASL), any one can me some suggestion or idea?Thank you very much : ) 我正在学美国手语(ASL),有任何人可以给我一些建议或意见吗?谢谢你们。
Sep 8, 2008 8:31 AM
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Hahaha , Sorry I was hurried in my Answer , and get the Question wrong , If you want Learn more about ASL''American Sign Language '' I suggest to you to visit this site Hope that help you Thank you ^_^
September 8, 2008
1. (Brief introduction about ASL) 2. (Useful lessons with visual dictionary for visitors to input word and find its ASL term) 3. ) (Online dictionary) Hi, Issam. I have googled and found some webpages for learning ASL with photo and video. And hope it is useful to you.
September 9, 2008
This abbreviation is commonly use in chat '' A: Age , S:Sex (M/f), L: Location (Your Country) '' Just an abbreviations Like BTW: By The Way , TYT: Take Your Time , BRB : Be right Back , ... ESL: English as a Second Language ,... They haven't roots In the Language , but people use them as abbreviations to economize the time in written a full sentence. As there are many words abbreviate in this way like You : U , People : PPL , Are: R , Two or to : 2 , Thanks: thnx,.. Thank u ^_^
September 8, 2008
Thanks to Ms. Help, too. :)
September 9, 2008
Ooh! I'm interested in learning it too! I'll check it out too -thanks, Hesham :))
September 9, 2008
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