What about your Language? In general, we know the fact that English is spoken all across the globe. Here in the Philippines, English is next to Tagalog Language. However, considering the modern world, we Filipinos are most likely speaking "Taglish" (Tagalog-English) instead of the conventional Tagalog. If you happen to learn our language and speak it the way it is, people might look at you differently (or by chance, they'll laugh at you). We always regard people speaking a conventional Tagalog as "old-fashioned" speaker. What about your Language?
Sep 8, 2008 1:03 PM
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People like to use english words in russian and georgian to show others that they know english. But it is not good using other words in your language. In a while it can turn into something unusual for you, completely unnormal. I think if you love your native language and if you know it very well you do not need to use english words. People consider that it is good, fashionable at present. But they are deeply misled. So, here I suggest people to use words from our languages when we speak them. And when we use english, of course, we must use english words, but not in other language.
September 8, 2008
Here in My Country Egypt we talk natively Arabic ,in Egyptian Accent , but Sometimes talk in proper Language , And there are many also prefer to talk bilingual Using Arabic and say some words and Expressions in English or French , There are many people go in this way " Bilingual" Consider that refers to his/her high educated , Cultured,.. I really Don't prefer talk bilingual , Just talk in one Language Arabic , and talk in another Language if it necessary for that like in my Work " I used to work as a Receptionist'' , And Sometimes to not be a liar say some words and expressions in Another Language e.g. English and French in common to talk and comply with my Colleagues , but if I think that Nobody can understand me I will stop that , So its stop at the person who I talk to . That's about me Thank you ^_^
September 8, 2008
in Algeria we speak arabic and french,but there are amazigh ,spanish
September 15, 2008
of course we use mandarin know that abot 1.3billion people speak chinese all over the,it's more pop than before.but we have so much accents here that sometimes we cannot understand the people from other places.i think it's hard for foreigners to learn chinese,because it's different between what we say and what we write,but i'm sure you can handle it. however,english is spoken the most widely in the world,also in china.but it's still wierd if you speak english to your friends or family.
September 13, 2008
Here in Brazil we speak portuguese. In south america we are the only portuguese speakers. Spanish is spoken at the other countries. But even our portuguese is different from the one spoken at Portugal or at Africa, and there are dialects inside our own country. There are different accents depending on where you are. One of the reasons is the diversity of people who came from outside to live here, like Japanese, Italian, German.
September 9, 2008
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