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what is your name
Sep 8, 2008 2:23 PM
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My name is Veronica Suryati Then i'll give you the meaning of my name..hope you like it..he..he.. Veronica is my Christian name, Veronica is girl that swap Jesus face when He goes to Calvari Suryati (is Indonesian language)... Surya = Sun and Ti = usualy use for girl in Indonesia.. So all the meaning from my name is= generous girl that can bring light for all everybody in this world.. :-)
September 9, 2008
my name is larry kearney. what's yours?
September 9, 2008
You don't wanna know, it's long as a train. Ha...ha, seriously.
September 8, 2008
lol someone collect the names here :p
September 8, 2008
My name is Hesham Sallam ^_^
September 8, 2008
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