Dan Szubie
What I want to do... Wo yao kuai le hui lai zhongguo. I will come study in Beijing. I need a tour guide again because Beijing = tai da le. danshi wo zai zhongguo de shihou wo xiang yao (I want too... ) Eat hairy crab in Guangzhou. Walk through the gardens of Suzhou. Take the journey by train to Urumiqi in Xinjiang. Sleep under the stars in Tibet. Work in Shenzhen. Zai Shanghai tiao wu ne. Feel the spice of Sichuan, la la la cai. Ride the horses in Inner Mongolia. Ice skate and throw snowballs in Harbin. Live the night up in Hong Kong. Have dinner with Tianjin ren. Climb the mountains in Yunnan. Go to the night markets of Beijing until the sun is rising. End my day in Hangzhou. Ok ok, now who wants to come with me? Cmon... life's too short, you can study and work forever! I need someone to share the experience with me!
Sep 10, 2008 10:07 PM
Answers · 22
can I join in you? if you are interesting in climb mountain Tai,you come to me.haha.. actually mountain Tai is not a good place to enjoy the view,but a good place to know our culture. welcome to Shandong!you can contact with me at anytime you want.my QQ:94755867 MSN。[email protected] and my cellphone no. is 15003417572
September 18, 2008
oh my god~what a wonderful idea.. i want to go ..but i have no money..have a good trip!
September 17, 2008
such a good plan . Good luck!
September 16, 2008
Hi Dan.your journey sounds fantastic.hope u will enjoy yourself in China.i believe u will learn more and speak better Chinese after such a trip.
September 16, 2008
How lucky you are to visit China again! Enjoy yourself. If you come to shanghai once again,contact me. *^_^* Joyce
September 15, 2008
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