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part of a Containers Lease Agreement,please translate into chinese :) LOSS OF EQUIPMENT: Lessee shall notify Lessor in writing as soon as possible if any Equipment cannot be redelivered; such notification shall include a detailed description of the nature of the loss. Lessor shall off-hire such equipment on the date of receipt of written notification, and shall issue an invoice to lessee for the DRV OF SUCH Equipment. If payment for the DRV is not received from LESSEE within 60 days after date of invoice, Lessor may retroactively place such Equipment back on hire with Lessee from the date of original notification of Equipment loss and such hire shall continue until the date payment is ultimately received. Should Lessee(after payment of the DRV) determine that the loss did not occur (e.g. container is found or redelivered), Lessor will credit the lessee with the previously paid DRV, less the per diem due from the date of original notification, any other lease charges, and a Reinstatement Fee.
Sep 11, 2008 6:34 AM
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哪位高手指点一下.谢谢. 设备器材(集装箱也许更好)遗失:如果有集装箱无法再次交付,承租人应尽快书面通知出租人,通知中详细说明遗失的情况.出租人在收到通知之日起,应解除对该集装箱的租约,并开一张该集装箱的发票给承租人(DRV?).在发票之日起60天内如果没有收到承租人对DRV的付款,出租人可以当作从收到遗失通知之日起继续把该集装箱出租给承租人,这种租赁在收到付款之日截止.承租人(在对DRV付款后)仍可决定集装箱没有遗失(如:集装箱找到了或重新交付了),出租人会把前面的付款还给承租人, less the per diem due from the date of original notification, 其它的租赁费用和恢复使用费用.
September 11, 2008
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