Too many English words in Italian??? Ciao. Found an interesting article about how so many English words are replacing Italian words and some people are complaining about it... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7608860.stm Any comments from the native speakers on this subject matter? Grazie.
Sep 11, 2008 8:18 AM
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Hi Ian, Just to remain in topic, in italian we had answered: “no comment”. It’s another English expression frequently used instead of the Italian: “nessun commento”. Newspapers and magazines, for space’s reasons often use, in the titles: “no comment” instead of “nessun commento” (save 5 letters!). Weekend – instead of “fine settimana” (save 7 letters) Welfare – instead of “benessere” (save two letters). We have a “Ministero del Welfare” in the Italian government!!! Briefing – no one word translation in Italian! Riunione per dare indicazioni o direttive? Incontro per riassumere argomenti? I ask other native to help me… No excuse for mission! Missione in Italian: only one more letter! The theory asserted upon crashs in front of location (luogo) 3 LETTERS MORE, bookshop (libreria) the same number of letters. No translation for computer… And from the computer on, we have a lot of neologisms becoming usual in our current use: “chattare“ (from to chat) instead of conversare, chiacchierare, “scrollare” (from to scroll) invece di “fare scorrere”. When a word become usual in the every day speaking, the right word or the correspondent italian word if used appear to the audience strange… Let’s talk about English pronunciation: privacy (u can say in both pri(I)vacy and pri(ai)vacy). Britishs consider the first pronunciation more elegant, Italians think that is a wrong… Management: the most part of Italians say Manàgement instead of Mànagement! But better a wrong pronunced foreign word then the Italian “dirigenza”. What I think of that? We have to defend the Italian language knowing that the …enemy is in house!!! Ciao.
September 11, 2008
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