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What's difference between smart, wise and intelligent? Could you tell me what's difference??? And how to use these?? For example?? Please help me . :-)
Sep 12, 2008 4:48 AM
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Smart: 1,整洁的、时髦的。Sandy is looking very smart today. 桑迪今天看上去很帅气。 2,聪明的、机灵的。Sophie is a smart, hard-working student. 索菲是个聪明勤奋的学生。 3,巧妙的、明智的。Starting a pension scheme now would be a smart move. 现在启动养老金是个明智的举动。 4,油嘴滑舌的、机灵但却无礼的。Don't get smart with me! 別跟我油嘴滑舌的。 在英国,smart通常指穿着昂贵时髦的服装。 而在美国,smart通常都指【聪明】,且多用stylish代替smart来指穿着昂贵时髦的服装。
September 12, 2008
smart and intelligent both mean you have strong mental abilities. Wise means you have learned much from experience, so you understand life very well. You could add knowledgeable, which means you have learned many varied facts from media such as books.
September 12, 2008
A smart person is someone who goes with life as it is, he knows when to take advantage of the things that surround him and he takes mostly decisions according to his convenience, he knows how to deal with people. An intelligent person is someone who has skills to learn, to study, to memorize; mentally attitudes to work with knowledge. A wise person is someone who knows what to do and when to do it, someone who distinguishes between one thing and another and realizes the importance each thing has on each place.
September 19, 2008
The first answer by Stozi is a very good explanation of the difference. "Smart" and "intelligent" are related to a person's brain power. Good students are usually very intelligent. A "Wise" person could also be smart, but this adjective specifically refers to a person's ability to learn from their life experience, and make good decisions based on this experience.
September 12, 2008
总结: 1,smart:聪明的(尤其用于“美国英语”) 2,clever:聪明的(尤其用于“英国英语”) 3,brilliant:极其聪明的、才华横溢的。(程度极高) 4,bright:有悟性的、很快能理解事物。 5,sharp:精明的、敏锐的。(例如形容商人) 6,wise:明智的、机智的。(例如决定或行为)
September 12, 2008
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