Often we feel lonely in life though we have so many people around ?
Sep 12, 2008 3:15 PM
Answers · 2
"Thats right my friend",but its not completely true.It depends on ur approach also.In this world only 3 type of people feel less lonely 1.talkative 3.powerful.People having any of the quality never searches for friends,but people approach them.Never tell others u want friends,show that u hve many friends.Never feel lonely,it makes life difficult.Fight with u r lonliness.only people want those who hve guts.Think when u borned u r alone(except twins).everyone gets someone after that.u should never feel lonely(if u r not an orphan).come on friend get out of the dark room .....there r people waiting for u.there r many like u.i am lonely,in front of my PC,and ur lonely in front of ur PC also.when u enter this site or when u get out of that room that u were now .there r lot of people whom u can meet.get out of the room now.with a smile hit the road.get out........
September 12, 2008
This happens when people don't have a definite goal in life. If you do some volunteer work with under privileged people, you will never feel lonely.
September 13, 2008
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