Someone plz help me with this sentence below? "Lost has been my part of journey, but it also show me what is precious so as love which is for only be grateful" I dont understand the last part of this sentence, could someone paraphrase it for me? thanks.
Sep 13, 2008 3:57 AM
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I think it goes "Lost has been part of my journey.. But it also showed me what's precious. So I have a love for which I can only be grateful..." I can only guess at the author's intended meaning: something like when we things turn out in unexpected ways or we end up in unexpected places, we think about what is most important to us (paraphrase => when I was lost, I learned what was most important in my life). The next line <so I have a love for which I can only be grateful) refers back to what is precious (precious = something we love = most important), and the author is saying s/he is grateful that s/he recognised this precious thing. An obvious example might be realizing that you love your family when you are far from home. Being lost makes you realize what is precious (your family) and you are grateful to have a family to love.
September 15, 2008
hi Olive,the last part of the sentence doesn't make sense....but i think the essesnce of the meaning is that u are grateful to have learned that love is precious.cheers.
September 13, 2008
great job Phil. u nailed it spot on!
September 15, 2008
Lost is part of the love, cos it shows how precious it is the true love .
September 13, 2008
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