What’s your favourite flag (except your home country’s one)? What’s your favourite flag (except your home country’s one)? my favourite is the Albanian flag, the two-headed eagle in the red background. Waiting for your answers ;-)
Sep 14, 2008 7:11 PM
Answers · 40
A flag that show the flag of all countries.
September 17, 2008
i cannot choose a flag to be my favorite.... i love everyone of them because i love all races and cultures. the american flag makes me feel proud and free and strong. the korean flag makes me think of one of my good friends. chinese flag makes me think of the beauty of the asian people. the lebanese flag makes me think that someday there will be freedom for all religions in the mid east. the irish flag makes me think of my most closest and best friend in the whole world... my grandmother. the dominican flag makes me think of the good times i have had there with all my friends from the dominican. i love every country, tribe, and language. everyone is so beautiful. i am sorry but i cannot just choose one.
September 14, 2008
sure the flag of saudi arabia... because it carry El-Shahada or The Islamic declareation of faith which is(there is no God but Allah and that Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him) is his Messanger).
September 15, 2008
the flag of Saudi Arabia
September 15, 2008
Hello everyone, I personally don't like flags very much. Except maybe the Earth flag. Otherwise they are an extension of nationalism which excludes outsiders. Not of much use. Brian
September 15, 2008
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