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what so ever and what ever? Please tell me the situations you use "what so ever" or "what ever". Example sentenses are welcome =)))
Sep 15, 2008 1:28 AM
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WHATEVER: can mean "no matter what" or "in every case" or "in all circumstances". -- I'll eat whatever you cook. (I'll eat what you cook in all circumstances.) -- I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, whatever happens! (I'll follow you in every case, regardless of what happens, no matter what!) WHATEVER: can mean "of any kind". -- What kind of tea do you want? Oh, whatever you have on hand. (Tea of any kind is fine.) WHATEVER: can give emphasis to "what" question. -- Are you having an affair? Whatever do you mean? (I'm totally innocent and am asking what you could possibly mean by that?) Note: this is archaic. WHATSOEVER: can mean "at all" and can give emphasis to negative statements that use "none," "no one," and "anyone" -- I eat no meat whatsoever. (I don't just avoid meat, I really eat it none of it.) -- Are you having second thoughts about getting married? None whatsoever! (I'm having no second thoughts at all! I really want to marry you!)
September 15, 2008
Whatever is used as one word but occasionally you will see it as two. It is used more commonly these days as a casual way of saying "fine, I don't care", like you are giving up an argument. It can be said in a non-agressive way too, but usually it's said with attitude. It can be used to replace the word anything, e.g. take anything you like/ take whatever you like. Whatsoever is used a lot more in literature and I think it sounds nicer than what ever. It is also written as one word. Traditionally it means something like "anything you want" for example, "She takes whatsoever she pleases", which means, she takes anything at all that she likes. It sounds old-fashioned used in this way. You can also use whatsoever as a negative, for example "I had no control over the children whatsoever" which means, I didn't have a lot or even a little bit of control over those children. It's a varying quantity, so it can be used as anything, or nothing. You can think of it meaning "-at all"; I had no control at all, I had no control whatsoever.
September 15, 2008
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