Why world love to war??
Sep 15, 2008 3:57 AM
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I think you mean, Why does the world love to go to war? The ordinary people never want war. wars are started by politicians and businesses that will profit from a war.
September 16, 2008
NOBODY Love to war or the the War , nobody love to see Innocent people are killing , Blood , Burning ,.. War Isn't an useful thing to love it for all sides , Just The Country / Government/ Nation,. Just thinking about what they will get from / after the war e.g. Reach there desire , Ideology , Cheap earns , Stole wealth and Fortune , Occupy a strategical part of another Country ,.. That's all about this material and fake purposes which lead them to Wars. Hope we all live in Peace , سلام , Salam , Shalom , Frieden , Piax ,.. ^_^
September 15, 2008
i think contries go to war for vital resources as petrol, if one contry lacks that, the economy could stop, the factories, the trucks that take food toward far away, and many things that word with petrol or maybe because one president has delusions of grandeur. and then make the war to expand the frontier to win glory for his contry or his people
September 15, 2008
the world need peace for various reasons some countries want get more resources ,these are all related with the political but no one love war
September 15, 2008
War is not love but hate.. In there mind to help others or just to fulfil something.. There is no war yet..
September 15, 2008
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