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Define 'long distance relationship'?
Sep 15, 2008 6:35 AM
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Long distance relationship means that you hardly see each other often even if you want to..one must be very patient when going into a long distance rel...trust is the most important ingredient in this kind of rel...this kind of rel.may be difficult but if you truly love and care for that person, you should have the patience of bearing not seeing each other even if it takes months or years..but good thing is that there's chat messaging wherein you can still see each other through the use of a cam..
September 22, 2008
I am in a long-distance relationship. There is a distance of about 6,000km between us and we see each other one or two months a year! I think a long-distance relationship is where you have to travel to the next district or further. Yes, a long-distance relationship can sometimes be where you do not see them face-to-face but it is probably less common. It is difficult to cope with a long-distance relationship unless you are unique people. My partner and I are both very patient people, of course there's the telephone and internet to talk by. ^_^
September 15, 2008
a long distance relationship, is when you are going out with somebody, and they live farfar away!!!! where you can barely see each other....some further than others....i knew people that were going out, but they can only see each other once a month cuz they lived 12 hours apart....i have seen others be in a long distance relationship, and they were further apart and seen each other less....i dont like long distance relationships, and i dont recommend them, cuz its very hard to see the person you like, and are going out with, unless you have a lot of money, and gas, and a car, and are willing to drive to how far they live to go see them.....
September 15, 2008
`long distance relationship `is mean that we can't talk face to face.Only know each other by the message .
September 15, 2008
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