are you proud of your self?
Sep 15, 2008 9:30 AM
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when my parents are proud of me..i'm proud of myself
September 21, 2008
no, i haven't done anything
September 15, 2008
To Haji: I am not quite sure what your are getting at. First, I do believe that GOD created me in his own image and I know he bless us with many talents. But it is up to us to take our talents a step further. I don't see why you are calling us Slaves? Well I kinda thought this was a simple question but I guess not.
September 18, 2008
hey friend resabambino look the broudness we are talking about is not the same as the one you thought,succeding a job or life is not same thing from your talent and knowledge only,you have to believe that frist it was a help from your god,second you have to believe that its part of you talent and knowledge and after that thank allah who ,but the thing is other proudness are from God and why he is is becouse he created us and we are his slaves so dear the broudness i wrote is not such this,so you must be not broud for what you are but you have to thank the one who made you who you are and that is allah or God.and a verse says"He(allah) has the broudnes OVER what is in the skyies and IN the earth and He(God) is all-hearing and all-knowing."so the broudness is for only him and can be happy,but u cant throw off the destiny of allah.its affects u for all your life,refuse it or accept it.
September 18, 2008
Are you asking us " Are we proud of something we did in life, or proud of being who we are." Well here is my answer to your question the best way I know. I am proud of who I am. Sometimes there are days where I feel like being a reject but other then that I am proud. Hopefully, that answer your question
September 17, 2008
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