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which is more difficult btw oral english and paper english? i am new here, want to learn how to write formal english papers in order to be easy to make communication with peoples from diffrient nations in no matter life way or business way . fairly exchange my chinese so far i know for ur English 。 i'd like to learn Shaona as well ! thank you all !!!
Sep 15, 2008 2:58 PM
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With the english language written and spoken english are different. You can write english the same way it is spoken and still give the same information but, when when read, the information does not flow as well. When I was learning English; this was hard for me to understand; after years of poor writing skills and learning chinese, I can tell you it is like writing and oral chinese. Some words may be homophones but, you can only tell the difference in context or when written.
September 15, 2008
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September 16, 2008
I would say both are kind of hard. I guess for oral speaking I say is hard because I am the type that gets really nervous in front of everyone and then my mind starts to wonder. When it comes to writing English paper they are the hardest. I guess it also depends on the type of paper you are writing.
September 15, 2008
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