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What do you think about the importanace of those factors on Chinese economy? What do you think about those economic factors that are influencing the economy of our country? (Either China or other countries) Please rate them with a score from 1 (Not important) to 5 (Very important)? A. Economic development policy of the government B. Prices of certain resources, such as labor, coal, petroleum, electricity and water) C. Tax rate (With lower tax, people will have more money to spend) D. The exchange rate between US dollar and Chinese RMB Please add the factors not listed above in your answers and explain. Thanks
Sep 16, 2008 8:33 AM
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I forgot to mention that the faulty loans held by the top banks are about equivalent to China's foreign currency reserves.
September 16, 2008
How about this list: very poor energy security dwindling international demand for Chinese products rising production costs factories moving to south east asia inflation water and potable water deficit arable land deficit deficit of young to support the rapidly aging population without aid of welfare fastest growing wealth gap on earth environmental collapse; cancer & preventable disease epidemic growth figures based on questionable statistics stock markets tumbling endemic corruption, disobedience to central policy future of FDI put into doubt as Wall St collapse
September 16, 2008
China ranks the 6th in its GDP globally, but ranks the 138th in its per capita GDP. What a ridiculous condition!
September 16, 2008
1 economic factor that i think will influence the economies of both china and the U.S. is the fact that the U.S. has borrowed trillions and trillions of dollars from chinese banks. i'm not not sure what the inrerest rate is attached to that loan, but i'm guessing that people such as my nieces and nephews will be be paying off that debt to china for a long time to come. so based on that thought, i will place a number 5 on it in level of importance to both of our economies.
September 22, 2008
... (uploaded accidentally) is in the position to decide directions to fulfill certain social, environmental and strategical goals with a horizon of 20 to 50 years ahead. Building a glorious Beijing and Shangai while neglecting the rest of China is a mistake which will be paid in time to come. 2. Commodity prices (oil, sugar, etc.) is not an issue for China in my point of view. So question B scores a mere '2'. The 'First Global Recession' aka 'credit crunch' will inevitably lower the global demand in industrial production for a couple of years sending the commodity prices to average low levels. The evident danger of subsequent unemployment is something that scores a '5' as a priority. Plant Farming and Reforestation is the only short term answer to that. 3. Tax rate has a definite '5'. The result of high taxation to the lower, lower middle incomes will have a devastating result for the Chinese economy once the 'credit crunch' rides its peak. Still, wealth without culture can be as dangerous as nuclear waste, so wealth shall follow mandatory education. 4. The Chinese reserve in dollars can be a weapon which can easily devastate the U.S. economy. I cannot rate this factor since such a move is pure strategic. If the chinese government would motivate a sell of the 1.5 trillion dollars it possesses it would urge a global 'sell' policy towards the dollar wiping U.S. out of the global map. No one shall play with such dangerous 'toys'. Lately, the globe witnesses the degrade and death of the American Dream; it's time to wake up. There's no need to speak in detail about Lehman Bros, Fannie May, Aig etc. Now that we all know that we live on one, finite earth, we breathe the same air and die dug in the same earth, it's time to realize that unless we find peace and establish it, Mars, the Moon, Jupiter and the rest of the heavens might have to wait for ever for the human race to cultivate and inhabit it.
September 16, 2008
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