i want to ask about. how do you pronounce the word "eo"? is it "e-o" or "o"? how do you pronounce the word "eu"? is it "e-u" or "u"?
Sep 17, 2008 10:51 AM
Answers · 1 Put the keyword '어머니', '그림' in the search box and listen to the pronunciation. 어머니 Eo meo nee 언니 Eon nee 그림 Geu leem 금요일 Geum-myo-eel Please don't be obsessed with the Korean alphabet or Roman alphabet. Just, listen to the pronunciation. Your question is about McCune-Reischauer-based romanization system. This system is annoying and ridiculous because they had overlooked an important point that most European languages consist of the Roman alphabet. 'eu' you mentioned, is pronounced 'o-ee' in German, 'weh' in Dutch. Furthermore the American language also consist of the Roman alphabet, so we see someone romanizes 비빔밥 'Bibimbap' and another one romanizes it 'Bibimbop'. You see the problem with the system now? Perhaps you need to check out this link once,
September 17, 2008
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