How to punish the stealing in your country? How does the law punish the stealer in your country? If you are experiencing someoby stolen, could you bravely stand out and accuse its crime? Maybe you can choose keeping silence.
Sep 18, 2008 6:37 AM
Answers · 3
If you only steel something in Germany (without weapons or violence) you can receive up to 5 years prison sentence or have to pay penalty. (I had to look this up myself) To your next question: I probably wouldn't accuse anyone for taking something from a shop. But if I would see somebody steeling something valuable like a car or takes it directly from the owner like pickpocketing I would probably accuse the thief.
September 19, 2008
Like Stozi said it depends on what was stolen but also in which way it was stolen. If weapons were involved or violence then the sentence will be way longer.
September 18, 2008
The length of their prison sentence will depend on what they stole.
September 18, 2008
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