what do your aim in your life? my creator our creat but for what our creat? in the islam we say man is responsabl for your acts but here I askd myself my creator creat me and creat my writen.................................?I wait your answars .
Sep 18, 2008 11:14 PM
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Hi Moussa , I know that the guys here didn’t understand you, because you did a word-to-word translation from Arabic. So, rather rewrite your question before answering: What’s the aim of our creation? Our creator created us, but for what? In Islam, a man is responsible for his acts. I asked myself : why God created me and created my destiny ? (Note: maktoub translated from Arabic to English = written - the Brazilian author Paolo Coelho ,who wrote the alchemist has a book titled MAKTOUB –but in this context it means fate or destiny ) My answer is: TO INVADE NETHERLANDS THEN KILL HARRE :p Hahaha , I joke  As human beings, God didn’t create us to enjoy watching us suffering. But, he created us to worship him. And Worship here doesn't mean pray in an isolated island until the end, it was never like this. So, what does it mean? Well, worship in its larger meaning is: enjoy both of life’s aspects materialist & spiritualist. The thing that makes people wonder since the dawn of ages is: are we free or not in doing our action? And as usual, we always find the extremists. There were 3 main streams, the first ones said that we are not free at all; others said that we are 100% and others took the middle. I’m in the middle, let’s share this short story: It is mentioned that a person once came to a wise man and questioned him regarding fate. He replied, "Raise one foot", and after doing as he was told, the wise man said, "now raise the other", which he was obviously not able to do so. The lesson was that some things we have control over, although God has knowledge of that also, but some things we have no control over. Call it (destiny). Similarly, we can say that our partners are written for us but we have some level of choice. Peace out ,
September 22, 2008
"TO INVADE NETHERLANDS THEN KILL HARRE :p" You don't really have to invade the Netherlands for that. You can just send someone to blow himself up when I'm in a bus or train. I'd be honored if you did that, because it means that I actually made you doubt your faith in "god's solution". Anyway, itlktiv, you claim to be "in the middle" but that's only from your point of view. Everyone thinks he or she is in the middle. I however think you're way over on the "spiritual side" and you probably think of me as being way over on the "materialistic side". And again, wisdom doesn't lie in repeating "wise words" by someone, it's by actually understanding them and using them to develop your own senses. From what I've seen from you so far, you've managed to use "wise sayings" a lot without actually applying them to yourself.
September 22, 2008
make my parents proud of me
September 21, 2008
find myself
September 19, 2008
Supreme happiness...
September 22, 2008
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