How to change this sentence to passive? The sentence is ' In China baut man den meisten Reis an.' I think it can be changed like ' In China wird Reis meistens angebaut.' Is this correct or has it got better one?
Sep 19, 2008 12:53 AM
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`In China wird am meisten Reis angebaut' is correct. 'am meisten' (viel/mehr/am meisten = much/more/most) refers to the word which follows. In 'In China wird Reis meistens angebaut' 'meistens' is used as an adverb and refers to 'angebaut'. In the active sentence 'am meisten' is used as an adjective and refers to 'Reis'.
September 21, 2008
where i was born and learned my german, we never say " ... am meisten in china... " it sounds strange, like you made up your mind during your speech. but of course, thats only in austria, no kangaroos... as far as i know in german the ordering is not so important, so basically both versions are correct from the grammatical point of view, but as a native german speaker i would say it as "In China wird am meisten Reis angebaut."
September 23, 2008
None of the above are correct. So here it is: Reis wird am meisten in China angebaut. Since the most rice is grown in China the correct word order meisten in China......
September 22, 2008
In China wird am meisten Reis angebaut. <- means china grows the most rice In China wird meistens Reis angebaut. <- means in china rice is the main crop, that is grown.
September 19, 2008
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