What do you do, if you are sad? How do you handle sadness, depression, offence and what will you recommend?
Sep 21, 2008 3:41 PM
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There are really many I do when get Sadness , Anger , depression and offence : When I get Angery and Sad I really Making Wudhu " ablution" To wash my Body " Hands , Face ,.. " So Water make me calm kinda ,, Or when I get anger and cant get water Just change my position e.g. If I was standing then I sit down , If I was Sit down then lie down, And So One , Or Start to Listen to the Holy Quran making me really calm , Or pray , Or If I was at home sometimes go out and go to place where Calmness , and sitting alone e.g. By the River Nile when I see the Water and the green plantes make me Calm down ,.. And when I get the Depression Pray to God to get over it , and give me the Patience and optimistic. And Really when someone offense to me , I really Sometimes cry when I stand alone and remember that , and don't discuss anybody just let him Blame and feel with wrong towards me . I hope all be Happy , Satisfy , Optimist , Calm , and love the life ^_^
September 22, 2008
well when i feel sad or depressed some times i prefer to stay alone and just think for a new start with something new and other times i prefer going to gym or playing tennis and meet new people and other times i prefer to listen to my favourite music and just dance on it all these things makes me release my feelings and make me feel good and gaine power too
September 23, 2008
when i am sad , i often cry and i feel better
September 22, 2008
calm, calm and again calm tried to deal with everything calmly
September 22, 2008
First I'll question me like "Why I'm sad?" So the silence is a good remedy because you can find the peace inside of you. I'll could try to read some comic book, if you try to smile your sad can go away!
September 22, 2008
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