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What is the most popular meals in China? Hi i want to know what's the most popular meals in china and how it is cooked !
Sep 22, 2008 12:33 PM
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hehe tu sais qu il ya bcp de plats connus en chine ..et chacun a son gout..mais en generale on peux les diviser en 8 catalogues selon les differents provinces de la chine... 1 dans la province de hunan(ma ville natale o(∩_∩)o) les plats sont tres epices...on mange bcp de nourritures qui viens de la montagne parsque la province s entoure des montagnes 2 dans la province de sichuang les plats sont non seulement epice car on ajoute les zanthoxylum donc on se sent tres different en goutant les plats de hu nan et sichuang 3 dans la province de guang dong...leurs plats sont legeres et rich de nutritions plus on mange presque tous les animaux que tu peux imaginer hehe 4 dans les provinces de jiang su et zhejiang on prefere les plats un peu sucres lol j ecris trop ...on en parle a la prochaine fois..o(∩_∩)o...
September 23, 2008
china is such a huge country,so people from different place have different popular meals. as for me,im from sichuan provence,the weather here is moistly,so we eat spicy and hot food often. the most popular meal here is hotpot.im not sure whether u heared it before or not,its quiet famous around china,u can see many hotpot resterount in my city. as for how to cook it,it really hard to explain,but i will try,hope u can understand. first u should cook a special "soup"(we call it 火锅底料,only use it for boiled food,not for drink),prepair many spices ,peppers and chillis.fry them in a pot,until u smell their scent. then pour half pot broth,boiled for 1 hour. (in nowadays,we can buy the readyed 火锅底料 derectly from the supermarket,its very important in this meal) prepair some vegetables or meat u like,put them in the pot. then let's prepair the sauce.take a bowl,put in some cutted garlic,sesame oil,little salt,mix them. when the food r ready,eat them together with u the sauce u just made. enjoy it:) by the way,if u r interested in this meal,mail me,and i can send u some pictures.
September 23, 2008
i suppose rice:P dont you think?:D
September 23, 2008
since i dont live in China, i have no Idea what's the most popular meals in China. but i think Dim Sum is great, even in my country people loves Dim Sum.
September 23, 2008
September 24, 2008
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