Which Language is the most difficult one and which is the most easy one in the world?
Sep 23, 2008 7:30 AM
Answers · 4
The hardest languages are Chinese, Japanese and Arabic for English speakers. It takes 1000 hours of study to get from beginner to intermediate level. Spanish is a very easy language to learn for English speakers.
September 24, 2008
if you ask me,i think that english is the easy one,and arabic is the difficult one ,,,,.........?am i right,because although, i'have been studed arabic for more than 12 years and i'm arabic,i still do mistakes when i'm speaking it,but english,just 3 years ago .............. yours med
September 26, 2008
From the viewpoint of Chinese (Mandarin speaker), perhaps it depends on your own native language, the most difficult language might be Arabic or Sanskrit, (Maybe not the most difficult 2 in the world), Actually, I don't know much about them, but their alphabets seem too special & hard to master after all. & the easiest language, as far as I know, might be English, (Maybe not the easiest one in the world).
September 23, 2008
Some people think "Basque","Finnish" & "Hungarian" are the most difficult languages in Europe.
September 23, 2008
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