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Which job do you think would make you feel the most lonely person on this planet? ... and which do you think would fulfill your need for social interaction? {it often happens, especially in modern cities, that an employee may interact with hundreds of people each day but still feel lonely}
Sep 23, 2008 11:31 AM
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A neighbor of Harre :p hehehe Well ,this one : An old man by a seashore at the end of days Alone without himself Gazes the horizon with seawinds in his face Tempest-tossed silence And seasons all the same Anchorage unpainted And a ship without a name ;-)
September 23, 2008
well i think the body guard because u just walk behind ur director and no talking no phone no friends all the time standing
September 27, 2008
Being alone in the middle of crowd...A sweeper in a supermarket !
September 24, 2008
Gardener on a deserted island. :P
September 23, 2008
Hi ... for me i think that any person of us if he work on a job and this job wasnot his dream wasnot what he wanted or what he planned believe me he will hate this work feel lonely so for me if i work on a job after all offerts i did and after this tired . i didnot wish it .really i will feel that i am alone in this world.......also as i donot look for which job will fulfill my need or whichone i will take alot money from it so i never feel that my job is not good or not fullfill my need i will only look for what extent Iam happy FOR DOING WHAT I DO or for what extent I do my best to make all whom around me happy and smile thanks for ur question ...with my respect
September 27, 2008
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