introduction Hi,my friends,would you please introduce your countries or your cities for me,I think knowing something about it will help me to improve my English!Thank you!
Sep 24, 2008 3:10 AM
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Exeter is a city in the South-West of England, a country in the United Kingdom (UK) and about 5 hours from London by car or bus. It has a population of about 600,000 people and it is the civic capital of Devon which is a County (Province/ State of the UK). It has a cathedral, which has the highest ceiling of any cathedral in Europe. A city is different to a town or village because (normally) it has a cathedral. Exeter also has many churches, as the UK is 74% christian. Exeter has a football team but they are not very successful, unlike Liverpool or Manchester or London. The city has many historic buildings from different eras (periods of time in history) and is becoming increasingly popular with tourists from around the world. During World War Two Exeter was bombed by Nazi bombers in an air raid, but much of the city has been restored. Exeter has a university, college and many schools, some christian schools and private schools but public schools too. Devon is known for it's "cream teas" which includes a cup of tea, with milk and perhaps sugar, scone (a bread-like cake) with cream and jam. People in Devon are passionate about whether or not the jam is put on the scone first and the cream second - or vice versa!
September 24, 2008
I'll try... Italy is a boot-shape country between continental Europe and the Mediterranean sea. It has high muontains (the Alps) as well as wide plaine (such as Padana plain), but most of the land is hills and hills where we grow olives and grapes - agricolture is very important in our economy. There are active volcanos too, beautiful beaches and a wonderful sea. The climat changes a lot from North to South for the country is pretty long. Italy is famous for its landscapes but overall for its monuments and historical remains, which the main cities are filled in as well as the small villages; Italian art is very rich and precious and it's admirated worldwide - there are always many tourists visiting our country. Italy has also a beautiful charming and powerful language, directly coming from Latin, and many different dialects. Italian literature is very rich and appreciated worldwide, and it was mainly important during the MiddleAge (think about poets like Dante Alighieri...). We also have many delicious traditional recipies, both meat and fish, both vegetables and cakes; some specialities such as pizza or spaghetti are very popular abroad. The main religion is the Catholic, mixed with many weird supertsitions and beliefs; the Catholic Church is really too much powerful and often influences poilitics while it has'n any right to do it. There are also Lutherans and Calvinists but not many, and some Gehova Witnesses too. Unfortunately Italy has many treasures but also a very bad government whose members use politics just to get richer and are rapidly destroying the country economic and social situation. This is quite shameful but Italians usually don't care, and that's why nothing changes. Art is often bad conserved, swindle is the most common way to earn, racist discrimination and ignorance are very diffused. So this isn't only a golden country...
September 24, 2008
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