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do u think body language is as important to understanding as words are and why?
Sep 24, 2008 5:51 AM
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In the views of psychologists...verbal and nonverbal expressions are of the same importance, they are just ways to illustrate what your mind, conscious or subconscious it thinking...that's all. We sometimes attach more importance to the nonverbal part..cuz it's more controlled by our subconscious, which stands for the truth you want tell~
September 24, 2008
Yes , I think that the Body Language is more important than words and more truthful e.g. Your tone of Voice is so important and its reflex more e.g. Happy , Sad , bored , worried ,.. and the same with eye contact and the exepression of the face "Smily , Surprise , Worried , Sad , Angry,.. I think this is so effective and notable than the Speech , Thank you ^_^ Keep smile.
September 24, 2008
Um, they aren't as important because you can't conciously build them as much, like you don't express new individual thoughts. But it's very useful in psychoanalysis. Body movements can reveal a lot about someone, but having a rudimentary pop-psychology knowledge is not sufficient in interpretation. I consider words more important; we can write, after all, and read, and talk on the telephone, send email...
September 24, 2008
of course that's important ................................... bye
September 24, 2008
Most communication is nonverbal. I think, though, that body language conveys emotion more than it does thought. Not only that, but theres no way to master body language because most of its unconcious.
September 25, 2008
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