Hamed naqshbandi
what is the fact love ? i want to have more about love in fact.is there some one to help me .if some one knows please send me the all infomaton about it ,
Sep 24, 2008 8:10 AM
Answers · 2
Love Not only between anyone and his partner this is from narrow side , and also love isn't as many known ( to own the one who love) this is selfish not love ,, But love is Greatest than that material Romantic ,, The Real love make every One Close to God , So let's know wat is the Real Love , The Real love is Clear from Ego , so u feel that you and the one u love is the same soul , not only but prefer him /her than ur self (predilection) , The Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him) said in his Hadith: "سبعة يظلهم الله في ظلة يوم لا ظل الا ظله , رجلان تحابا في الله أجتمعا علية و تفرقا علية". It mean seven under the care of Allah/Shadow in DAY which no Shadow in it (Day of Judgement) and Mentioned Man love another Man Ajtama Alah wa Tafarqa alih( Get Together in Love and leave him in Love. Only In Allah they Meeting, This is the Clear love not for any Purpose , Just because they are Momenon(Believers in God) they love Each Other, I hope we love each other with that pure love, love Which make u Closer to God , this is the fact of the true love which everyone seek to search , Thank you ^_^
September 24, 2008
love people without any self-interests
September 27, 2008
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