what kind of festivals do ya'll have in china ? all festivals!
Sep 24, 2008 9:24 PM
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All here: If you want to know the detail. Contact me as you wish.
September 25, 2008
the important is spring festiva,like your christmas day
September 30, 2008
Jan1st New Year's Day New Year's Eve (Dec30th in lunar calendar) Spring Festival (Jan1st in lunar calendar) uaually for 7 days lantern festival (Jan15th in lunar calendar) Api5th Qingming for about 2weeks Dragon Boat Festival (May 5th in lunar calendar),to remamberate QUYUAN,and eat ZONGZI, and hold a Dragon Boat Compete somewhere Aug1st Army's Day valentine's day of china ,or QIXI (July7th in lunar calendar) Sep10th teachers' day mid-autumn's day (Aug15th) eat moon cakes and enjoy the big ,round moon Otc1st National day (some festival in coommon i omit , such as women's day ,larbor day, some festival i also omit ,because we seldom celebrate for it except some traditinal adult,such as DONGZHI ,LABA) THAT'S ALL
September 25, 2008
hello,i am soline from China. China is a traditional country and has a long history. It is adouted that it has a lot of festivals in China. Such as Chinese New Year which is the most important festival,Lantern Festival,Qing Ming Day Festival ,Dragon Boat Festival,Mid-Autumn Festival,Chongyang - Double Nineth Festival,etc. For the above mentioned festivals which are the important . ___________soline ,
September 25, 2008
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