mi la commanda? nn sn sicuro come si scrive infatti. solo che mi dice sempre il mio capo cosi'... come si scrive giusto? e che significa? oppure prova a spiegarmi in inglese, o cinese se vuoi. :) Grazie~~
Sep 24, 2008 9:40 PM
Answers · 2
“mi la commanda” means nothing… Other possibilities besides those of Gianni: 1) "Mi raccomando!" = "I put myself (or something of mine) into your hands... take care/protection of me/it!" Bye.
September 24, 2008
HI Winsin83, let’s try to find the meaning of a sentence u know is not the right one. In fact “mi la commanda” means nothing… It could be: “dammi la comanda” (with one “m”) give me the order (if your boss is the chef of a restaurant and u a waiter). It could be: “e chi ti comanda!”. Expression that your boss use with despair, because he orders to u something and u never execute it. (Means that is impossible to order to u anything).(Who can orders u?) At least it could be: “e mi comanda!” (he’s complaining about the fact u are ordering him!). If none of those interpretations fits your interaction, please ask your boss to write the sentence on a paper and then let us know ;) Ciao
September 24, 2008
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