Love at first sight,is it possible? Have you ever felt love for someone you just met and what does it feel like?
Sep 29, 2008 7:59 PM
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Love at first sight is possible.Beautiful faces and attractive features are one of the major causes of love.In this case men show more urgency.If a man goes mad after first meeting or sight,he will be always ready to fall in love.Main factor of love at first sight is ignorance andcuriosity.Love at first sight mostly belongs to young people.They go away from reality easily.Other important factor is smell.It may start chemical reactions in brain through our senses.Have u heard of pheromones?animals also possess this.They use to attract opposite sex and communicate eachother.
September 30, 2008
long lasting love and great relationship takes time.Love may be required to grow,like watering a seed to become a plant.Dont u feel that a new born baby and mother ,love at first sight?In my country,there are more arranged marriages than love marriages and divorces are less.(See the meaning) " Beauty is all well at first sight",but whoever looks at it has beenin the house three days-Bernad shaw
September 30, 2008
1. Love at first sight is not possible because it's only a attraction for long lasting Love/relationships EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT is needed. Love at first sight is based on physical appearance, it is only a attachment not a true Love. If u Love some one, there is no value of PHYSICAL APPEARANCE, only your attachment from the person is counted. Love comes directly from the HEART. 2. Love at first sight is possible when you remain contact with the particular person and try to understand him/her emotionally.
October 1, 2008
Love at the first sight ! It is a good question maybe a lot of people want to search and own its answer....Indeed I believe in it. But what is more, for most of us who are at this kind of young age, it is rare, and infrequent, for us, dont make the curiosity and newness be the pretext of love! "Love "can be beautiful if you could be with someone who is so different from you, "love" can be so fresh if you want to know more about someone pretty someone handsome... "love "also can be so dreamlike when he or she could provide you so much that you dont have... but is it love? maybe not, ~ just take care, know yourself!
September 30, 2008
yes , sometimes but most times is not real love and not go on
September 29, 2008
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