if i want to go abroad,what should i do? a student with no money and other things,but dreams to go abroad and comunicate with the world some day,but study day by day,she worries about ....even she doesnt know which the way to go...
Oct 1, 2008 1:35 PM
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It is good to dream. But it is best to work towards fulfilling it. You can start saving bit by bit. You do not need a lot of money to go abroad. Aim for a close country as first target (For eg, Korea) which may be cheaper. When you have the ability to go to a nearby country, then aim for further distance. You will realise it is not an impossible dream after all.
October 1, 2008
Everyone here is right. You are still young, you still have all possibilites. Sure, with a lot of money it's much more easy to realize your dream to go abroad, but there are other ways too (scholarships, student exchange with partner universites, aupair, etc.). Main important is you don't give up and that you try the best to learn English and/or the language of the country where you want to go to.
October 1, 2008
Nothing is impossible .. u can do it that .. go to aboroad ..working and studying in the same time .. you must know that the country you'll travel to it .. And you have good information about it ..if u can make some friend there . that is great .. Without money, maybe that is difficult but not impossible What I want to say to you .. Nothing is impossible in life .. We can achieve all our dreams .. but we have to work hard ..
October 1, 2008
when you are in Roma,do as Romas do!
October 4, 2008
man's extremity is god's opportunitiy. do properly. 车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直。做好本分就是了。
October 1, 2008
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