what will you do if you were in my place when you are in a mess and have a bad felling with you , what will you do
Oct 4, 2008 2:54 PM
Answers · 4
It's important to find out what's bothering you and fix it. Like lately I felt the same because a colleague at university was seriously slacking off in group assignments. However, I don't want to be "the guy who tells on other people" but in the end that just harmed my own well-being. Now I fixed the situation and it feels much better. So all in all I'd say; try to find what's wrong and make sure that you fix it. Good luck! 祝你好运!By the way, is that L in your avatar?
October 4, 2008
in fact , when that happend to me , i go to pray and read som" quran " , cause that help me to relaxing and to think more about averything i do it after that ........so u shuld be think more about averthing u do and blieve ur selfe cause that so important to make u feel better....and don't care about anybody , just do the right think without fearing another people .... :)
October 4, 2008
Bill Tan is right. you cant do or think straight at that time. so try to rest and cool down first.
October 4, 2008
Stop doing anything, rest for a while before thinking what happens. Then move on...
October 4, 2008
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