هل يعلم اى احد المنشد احمد بو خاطر؟ من سمع the last breath & dont let me go & islam is peace&these my hijab...ارجوا ان تشاركونى ارائكم
Oct 5, 2008 2:08 AM
Answers · 1
Yes I know him so well he a Great Monshid with an efferctive and wonderfull voice, and I heard all of these Anasheeds . - Last Breath: its so effective make me alwayz Cry , it was a reason make a dutch woman to convert to Islam Masha Allah -Don't let me go: Also so effective Nasheed . -Islam is peace: is so beautiful Nasheed too . -This is my Hijab : Also so good for Muslim Girls to see how is the Beauty of the Hijab and it is a secure for them from the Human wolfs . And all of his Alpums are so Good Jazahu Allahu 3ana Kol Kharin ^_^
October 5, 2008
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