Amiret el jazayer
why korean people learn english?exactly i wish ask this question for korean her in italki just question
Oct 5, 2008 6:24 AM
Answers · 7
They do the same as any other people! To communicate with people from all over the globe , to understand what's happening around , to maintain a strong economic links with the other countries ( knowing that South Korea is one of the strongest economies in the world ) and for hundreds of political reasons (what happened in 1953 still affect the area )…etc.
October 5, 2008
it's the language of the world
October 5, 2008
u make me laught at your naivety and this question ! English 's also the communication language in the world . It's very useful for u to make friend with everybody around the world . OK ?
October 6, 2008
You speak Arabic natively and have left this question in English. This explains it enough ;) Western and Eastern people look at the world in different ways and their way to look at the world is sometimes… pretty interesting. Therefore learning the language is the beginning to be able to know their thoughts, opinions, lifestyle and so on. It's like a window to show the country that you want to see.
October 5, 2008
sorry the same thing in korea
October 5, 2008
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