Song Soo-Hyun
What do you think of Israel and Palestine's conflict ? Israel and Palestine's conflict , it is Arab and America's conflict I think. It is not important the land's owner who is. The most important is Ameircan govt. supports Israel to control Arab world. American govt. supplying a high-tech weapons to Israel. So, Plaestininas can't against to Israel. Israel soldiers are calling themselves ; We are God's warriors. And then, they are killing Palestinians indiscriminately. But American govt. says, we don't know nothing. I'd like to ask to their God, where is your God from ? Mabybe , America ? Now, We have to help Palestine.
Oct 5, 2008 10:29 AM
Answers · 2
How about you go up to the Italki Politics/Religious forum to debate this topic that has appeared here many times before. You'll find plenty of people to join in the debate.
October 6, 2008
Hello. Firstly, I want to say that their God is our God as well because God is one. Jewish persons call themselves so because they were selected people of God in the past about what is written many in Old testament but now not only they are, it does not matter which nationality have people for God. War is always bad and killing is big sin. I agree that behind this can stay big empire which supports Israel. But this situation is ceaseless. We have heard about military actions between this two countries for so long time, and I really do not know who is right and who is wrong.
October 5, 2008
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