what can i do ? Bing Yang, I Kristy. I would like to take this message to all would like to say that the. The first time you call me, feel bored Hello, I asked to take part in what fellow townsman, because I do not understand when a classmate, so I went to, but that is to see you in the meeting when fellow, At that time, I would like you not such a person. So what you told a joke, then I simply do not care about us will become friends. Later may be, everything good happened suddenly, because really afraid he would like to date you, I am thinking of the early exit () I believe that as long as no longer linked, will not let that rely on sustained, will not like you. But I did not say I do `````` my "exit plan" failure. I Laibuji This has been found, that feeling unwanted and to be so. Because I found that when I know that you like a girl, I would want to know that you have feelings for her, and she agreed to have her boyfriend. Day at the basketball court, I should give you the number of weeks, regardless of how I must say that you are not, you are very stubborn and I do not know how in peace, Zhou said that she sad, but I was also very pleased, I think you can finally put aside those feelings of 4 high, and can do less to her, `evening together by the Internet we saw you write" Behind the Vanity Love ", where every word I can feel How do you love her, I saw Xiangku, you know? In fact, each time you in front of me and I said that you love her, I will be very sad, and each time you ask me if I love you Wuning how that, I would pretend not to hear, when you understand is a fundamental mistake, you should not have to disrupt my life, this is the first time that I so carefully, so seriously like to a person, but the target is wrong, because before then that person just like me deep students, and now they love us Wuning ..... Yesterday, I could sleep Meng, and later, I simply do not think to go, now that the total owed to the heart like you,好不realistic, last night, the first time we then
Jan 27, 2008 9:33 AM
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January 30, 2008
do you want someone to edit it or what?
January 28, 2008
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