Oct 6, 2008 3:40 PM
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You see, we are programmed to see ourselves a certain way by the words people speak to us and the experiences of our lives. If the words we hear are positive and our experiences wonderful, then we usually have a good self-image. Obviously, when the experiences and words are opposite,there may arise inferiority complex . When you are not happy with yourself and constantly compare yourself to others.One can find the things he loves to do or he is much interested in and can develop more in he gains confidence.Confidence is an enemy of inferiority complex..Inferiorty complex is one of the psychological diseases which limits mental, spiritual, and financial success. Inferiority complex can be converted to a challenge.Be optimistic.Always try to be with persons having same mentality . Always be satisfied with u.Always try to see stronger part of u.Think that god had made everyone different and he gave me this role and i am happy about that.All are inferior to god.None is perfect.Every superior person feels inferior to those person who is more superior than him.So u also is superior in someone.None is inferior.Only when we thinks that we are inferior ,then we are inferior.Consider urself as unique.Try to see those inferior to u and compare them with u and say urself that there are more inferior ones than me,still they live their life.Then why i thinks that i am inferior.if it is needed ,consult psychatrist.I think meditation can help u.If u believes in god ,there is another method.Always think positevely.Dont get hurted by others evaluation.Firstly listen urself,then only others.U r the person who knows u better than anyone.there may be lot to discourage u.Be ur own boss..Remove the past thoughts of inferiority complex..Live every moment.Try hypnosis.Improve self confidence.
October 11, 2008
I would say that an inferiority complex or poor self image is an issue developed over many many years. Limitations placed on you early on by parents, teachers and friends may have caused serious personality damage. Example, anybody have parents say something like: "You'll never amount to anything" or "how can you be so stupid" or " why can't you be like your brother". As a child, hearing all this negativity would certainly influence one's self worth. So what do you do about it? I have MANY issues to deal with myself. My self image has gotten better through the years and a lot had to do with realizing that I am responsible for my own happiness and that what has happened in the past is PAST. I can CHOOSE to live there or in the NOW. It is not easy. Stop blaming your parents etc. for 'messing you up'. Realize that there is ALWAYS going to be people richer, cuter, more talented, with straighter hair, taller, shorter, darker, more fair and on and on. Don't compare yourself, you'll gonna lose. Whew c
October 6, 2008
Just look at the mirror.Look into your eyes.Are you more handsome than ur image.If yes,there is no point in feeling inferior to somebody or something.U are as smarter as your thought.Just look at the vast sky overhead,can anybody become greater than that,Can anybody match the power of a sun.Be yourself.Love ur work and look at the people who live below per you .You might not have to worry than and inferiority complex might run away.
October 6, 2008
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