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Why do some people believe in god? 1.Because they think god is really existent, and god can help them out. 2.They just want to find a spiritual pillar, which shares their burden. 3.Because believing in god is a kind of leisure, people can easily make friends there.
Oct 8, 2008 2:53 AM
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4. Their parents believe in god. My parents are buddhist and they got me to become a Buddhist. When I got confused with the Buddhist dogma, I had tried to become a Christian, but I got much more confused. 'If God is really almighty, can God make a stone that he can never lift?' was one of my questions. I found myself being skeptical and realised I don't have to be bothered any longer. I'm an atheist now.
October 8, 2008
Everyone has faith. It takes just as much faith to believe in nothing as it does to believe in something. For most people, there is a feeling that there is a God. But it doesn't really fit into what we can understand, so we use the idea casually. Some people believe in a human-like God, other believe that God isn't as sentient - "he" is just the name we apply to the force of good in the universe. In this day and age it's easy not to believe. But the more some philosophers ponder and study the believes of those that came before us, the more we find truth. Our ancient forefathers, were hardly primitive. They understood deep important things about the world, about society, and about relationships. The more I study ancient Judiasm, the more I personally feel like there is so much there that we are missing. However, many Christians don't know what it means to be a Christian. We have our faith screwed up. We think that instead of living a welcoming life of love and growth, we have to spend our time convincing others that they need to join us. We end up oppressing and alienating people - the very things Christ hated. As for science, it'll prove whatever people want it to prove. For me it, the more beauty and complexity I see in the explaination of how the universe works, the more I believe God.
October 8, 2008
* because people want someone to lean on him for suport ! 5 - because people think all things in the world results by the sequence of events so they want a reason for phenomena and events they see but they don't have a clue to justify them 6 - because they are afraid of being punished, religions frighten people into following their rules that's why it is hard for some people to change their beliefs even if they know they are wrong
October 8, 2008
in my case it was imposed, though I think it's nice to believe in something
October 11, 2008
There are many reasons to believe in God, depending on your viewpoint and approach to everything. If you are open to the possibilities or to 'The Truth,' you could say every good and true thing points to God and is of God. If you do not believe and choose not to consider it, you will describe all the things you see as negative as the reasons. Obviously, it is difficult or impossible to understand and accept from that perspective. Everyone believes what they believe. There are many different ways of living and ways of seeing. We make a choice of life and a million choices in life. As for 'If God is really almighty, can God make a stone that he can never lift?' I could try some clever/ silly answer like, 'Yes and He can lift it too,' but the truth is that this question is not intended to be answered. It is a challenge to which the answer (choice) has already been decided. We all make our choice and our choices and I do accept that.
October 8, 2008
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