about relationships some of u belive into love or it's a dream?
Oct 8, 2008 8:49 PM
Answers · 4
You will fall in love many times in your life. Everyone has a soul mate out there. It depends where you look for love. Maybe you are looking in the wrong places?
October 8, 2008
Both. You can believe in a dream. Love is a dream, a feeling, an expectation, a hope, a wish, a gift, a responsibility, a commitment, a partnership, a new life, an alternate reality...! I believe in love! It's a difficult thing, but the greatest of things. Some would say it is all biological and not something truly special. If that's what someone believes and how someone lives, this is true. However, I believe we are (we can be) greater than that and so love can be greater than that. Surely love exists for everyone, but it is different for everyone. Love exists! Not everyone believes it, not everyone feels it, not everyone knows it, and maybe no one understands it completely. Love is love.
October 8, 2008
i think that serious relationship is sometimes good but what i think u have to choose the best time to correlate with who u love i will give an example (if u r studying in college and u feel that u r comfortable to some one or u need to be his best friend or always beside the first thing that u have to regard it is ur studying(level of study) if u think that the relationship will affect in ur studies u should be away from it because it is not good for u and will destroy ur life at all) however love is not dream and what a beautiful affair when u find who u need or who u feel comfortable beside love has its positives and negatives if u let it cover all ur life and thought nothing more important than ur lover that will be negative but if u trust of ur lover and know that he/she loves u the same of u and shed the light on ur life and future and specify time for everythings even a time to meet ur lover that will be more than negative
October 8, 2008
Well I think that a pure love can exist not only in the movies that we see but also in reality it's just a little complicate than what we think It's not only question of feeling but also of responsibility, sacrifice and respect. but love without logic can't lead to anything and I mean here by logic the ability to take the good decisions For me I still believe in love but right now I've many things more important than love in my life
October 8, 2008
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