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How much can i learn in 15 days? Hello my friends, next march i am going to Beijing and i will stay 15 days of chinese courses " one to one " in Tli WungFuJing, so, will 15 days of lessons help me to improve my chinese ? How many words can i learn by day (4 hours )? Is Tli Wungfujing a good school? Any advices ? Thank you !
Oct 12, 2008 7:44 AM
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If u r doing ur best u gonna master the language less than 15 ! it's depends on ur competence throw the fear away.. everything's gonna be ok !!
October 12, 2008
class time is limited but when u enjoy the life in beijing u can learn lots of things...all around u is chinese~~~u can start learn 4 words everyday from now on...then correct ur prononciation with the native people in beijing...
October 12, 2008
Learn as much as you can man!! just learn all hours, All the luck..
October 15, 2008
hello friend if you 're really serious and don't waste the time cause as everyone know it's a short time, you will learn too much, take care of your self hey wait don't forget the deal ;) ok ? i will miss you a lot god with you
October 15, 2008
hmmm.maybe ur oral chinese can have a big prove...but probebly not much on ur words in only 15 days. i dont know much about that school,im not in Beijin.maybe u can ask others to know more:) welcome to china~~~best wishes:):):):):)
October 13, 2008
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