Where can I learn Chinese in Beijing. I'm looking for a language school to study Chinese (reading and writing). The university courses have already started. Thanks
Oct 12, 2008 12:08 PM
Answers · 5
Beijing Language and Culture University.北京语言大学。 There are many kinds of coures. U can choose one of them.
October 13, 2008
sorry, just want to leave some wishes, since it's not difficult to imagine how difficult it is to start a new life in a foreign country. Good luck & enjoy.
October 12, 2008
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October 12, 2008
ya, there are many language school here in beijing, and as i know, many foreign students study chinese in the univ which is beijing univ of technology, and also,there are many such course in other univs, you'd better google it if you wanna know the detail information. hope it will help
October 12, 2008
school?you can find a chinese to practise your chinese.a college student is better and you can put your information on the internet.
October 12, 2008
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