Amiret el jazayer
what you hate in this life? please tell me what don't like in this short life with your language ok without translation qu'es que tu n'aime pas dans cette courte vie? dis moi avec ta langue, ne traduire pas ماذا تكره في هذه الحياة القصيرة اخبرني بلغتك ارجوك لاتترجم
Oct 12, 2008 1:29 PM
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well i hate many things and they are two kinds first:things i cant do anythings towards them because i dont have the ability or i cant adapt with them such as:unjustice-war-isreal-poverty-......etc second:things i hate them but i can adapt with them or solve them such as:cooking-driving alot-having conflicts with frinds-travelling alot for bussiness.....etc
October 12, 2008
October 12, 2008
October 12, 2008
in politice: globalization,israel,war on afghanistan n iraq in media:amovie n western news that show arab n others as amonister n beast love killing n bombing people n in sport:i hate to see my egyptian team get loose in economey:i hate to see apillion of african n asian get hungry coz the stupid economice politice of majore country who have heart made of stone for those pillion misory n Wretched in world in religion: i hate those who belive in war for example who belive in armgidon (end of the world in palastin) people: anti freedom people
October 19, 2008
Нетерпимость - вот главная причина всех катастроф в мире. Нетерпимость делает людей врагами. Нетерпимость развязывает войны. Нетерпимость делает родных чужими. Мысль превращается в материю. Если мы будем говорить о негативном в жизни и ненавидеть, это будет увеличивать силы зла. Надо говорить о терпимости, о благотворительности, о любви, о дружбе и честности... Мы все взаимосвязаны в этом мире! Intolerance - these are the main cause of all disasters in the world. Intolerance makes people enemies. Intolerance unleashes war. Intolerance makes the relatives of strangers. Picture becomes a material way. If we talk about the negative in life and hate, this will increase the forces of evil. We have to talk about tolerance, about charity, about love, friendship and honesty ... We are all interconnected in this world!
October 18, 2008
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