coRea->KoRea..? Is it True..? I've Read it in onE boOk, tHat koRea is oRginaLLy coMes fRom Corea..? the jaPanesse haTes 'C' aLphabet that is exist beFore tHe "J" aLphabet, tHey didn't exPect coRea seEmed supeRior than Japanese tHru' iTs fiRst aLphabet, so tHey cHanged it to KoRea. waS it poSsibLe...?? goMawayo, .cHaCha.
Oct 13, 2008 8:04 AM
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We can find the description of Corea on the papers of Surprise or General Sherman written by Americans, but Corea or Korea on the papers of 1871 Accident. For the first time, they begun to write ``Korea``, but American historian William E. Griffis wrote ``Corea`` in his Corea : The Hermit Nation. In Shufeldt treaty, we can find description of Corea on Despatch from the King of Corea to the President of the United States of America. It is inappropriate record, because of paper under the suzerain of the relations with Korea and China. Percival Lowell or Everett Frazar used to write ``Korea`` on their papers. George C. Foulk used to write ``Corea`` or ``Korea`` on his papers. Americans used to write ``Korea`` according to rule of the description of the Royal Geographic Society from AD 1890. Officially ``Korea`` begun to write on Chicago Columbian World`s Exposition in 1893. The Provincial Government of the Republic of Korea used to write ``Korea`` officially. At present South and North Korea took the description of ``Korea``. So ``Korea`` is more useful than Corea in description of Korea.
October 13, 2008
And as I know, there is not historical material to prove that. (Sorry. I'm not convinced since I'm not mager in history.) I found a paper about it, and I'll introduce it. Korean History : A Study of Description to Corea and Korea - 한국사상과 문화, 36권, 단일호, 시작쪽수 269p, 전체쪽수 16p - by 이민식 An abstract At present, many Koreans have interested in the description of Corea and Korea. I studied the description through History. It was description of Corea that many foreigners had been eary written according to the rule of the description of Latin. Many Portugeseses initially began to write from AD 1517 ``Coreia``. French geographer J. B. B. D′Anville wrote in his map ``Coree``. The description of Corea was written in USA from AD 1818. In 1832, Edmund Robers write ``Corea``(高麗) on his paper. Afterward it was Corea that the USA Congress used on the description of Korea at the proposal for Korea in 1845.
October 13, 2008
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