i want to learn japanese,but i did not know at all.so ...
Oct 16, 2008 1:23 PM
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Hai ^^ The first is to learn what the japanese language is ... the japanese language has many forms .. there is Kana and Kanji....the first is to learn the kana because it's simple that Kanji... The kana is devided to Hiragana and Katakana...the easiest is katakana... So first you have to learn how to speak and write japanese katakana and hiragana .. The Japanese language has only 5 vowels: a, i, u, e, o. - a... as in father - i... as in we - u... as in book - e... as in get - o... as in old Note that some vowels are held for a longer period of time (â; ii; û; ei; ô) with the same pronunciation. With very few exceptions, Japanese consonants are similar to those of English. The exceptions are as follows: - g... as in go, never as in age - r... (the trickiest one) more like "d" than "r". Close to a Spanish "r" not trilled or an English "l". - s... as in so, never as in his For more visit : http://www.ici-japon.com/cours_japonais/bien_demarrer/introduction-to-japanese.php then visit : http://www.ici-japon.com/cours_japonais/ and learn lessons ^^
October 17, 2008
hello.. i'm also studying the language. so i hope i can share with you the things i did to learn japanese(though i'm not yet good at it).. First thing is you must have the passion to learn the language so you won't get tired because at first it is really difficult to learn especially the fact that the sentence construction is different from english(you'll gotta realize that on the latter part). For now, you can engage yourself to watching japanese movies/series for you to familiarize the language. Then buy books that can be helpful in your study of the language. there were also sites in the net that are really helpful on your japanese lesson. I also agree w/ GTO idea.. so there i hope you'll learn the language soon.. Goodluck.. Ja mata ne(until then)
October 23, 2008
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