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Which is the most common meaning of the verb 经? I suppose the meaning of jīng cháng (经常) is "usually". But which is the most common meaning of the verb 经 alone? could you give me an example? thanks a lot!
Oct 17, 2008 8:35 AM
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经,as a verb,一般不单独使用,一般和意思一样的词组合,the meaning: 1.经历 pass through, 如:身经百战 2.经营 manage 如:经商 3.忍受,经受,endure, stand,bear 如:饱经风霜,几经风雨 以上组词,经历,经营,经受,这里每个词组的意思都是一样的(经和历,经和营,经和受)
October 18, 2008
经 is not often used as a verb...Just like erica said,it's not very common~ If it's uesd as a VERB,I think it means 经过(through,pass through) Such as... "救护车急救病人经高速路该收费吗?"
October 17, 2008
经 1.(of textile) the warp 2.[Geography] longitude 3.to engage in; to manage 4.regular 5.canon; scripture 6.menses 7.to go; to pass through 8.to experience 9.short for yuejing(月经),monthly period
October 17, 2008
actually, 经 cannt be used alone, at least not common, you have to use it in a word like 经常,经过(through),经理(manage), and when it is used alone, it may means canon there are many other word which maintain 经, so you'd better turn to your dictionary for more examples
October 17, 2008
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